About us

MOSC is a young boutique business consultancy firm with a global reach. We focus on sustainable economic development and innovation in the sectors of our expertise. Our people are experienced professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset and extensive practical experience across a broad range of functions and industries. 

We invest time and effort to understand our clients' business and wishes, as well as the sector they are active in. Our team of completely hands-on, commercial and strong strategical thinkers can always be trusted to come up with a new creative approach to maximise your business potential. We help to implement any advice we give, deal with counterparts on your behalf and make sure you understand your options. We can quickly pull together all relevant information and service providers to enable you to make critical decisions. To support the growth of your business we also have access to a broad network of financial institutions and investment firms.

Our Mission

Focus on our clients' business


Your future is our business and drives our consultants to deliver bespoke solutions to the challenges you face. We aim to add maximum value to our clients to achieve their strategic goals, wherever they operate.

Focus on outstanding quality


We want our clients to select us because of our excellent skills and service delivery. We believe that our drive to quality contributes to our clients maximising their business potential.

Sustainable development


Our main aim is to incentivise sustainable development, which will serve the economies and well-being of future generations


OUR GLobal Approach

MOSC has a global network of long-standing relationships with top experts in our fields of expertise. We ensure that our clients receive the best possible service, utilising the assistance of the best local experts as needed. Our independence ensures our freedom to collaborate with only the best. In consultation with our clients, we choose the right local expert for the matter at hand, whilst retaining full responsibility. In this way, we guarantee our clients effortless access to outstanding services anywhere in the world.