Industries of expertise

Our people are experienced professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset and extensive practical experience across a broad range of functions and industries. MOSC is focused on sectors that contribute most to sustainable economic growth. In general these include the industrial sector (including agricultural and manufacturing), the (renewable) energy sector, the healthcare sector and the maritime sector.  

Ultimately, our aim is to bring growth to the emerging sectors that contribute to the well-being of our society.

Business Areas of Expertise

Financial Advisory


At MOSC we can determine what kind of financing will suit you best based on your ambitions and challenges. We can assist you in attracting new financing, refinance existing debts or restructure your existing funding arrangements. 

The first step is to design a feasible financing structure that best suits your business needs, afterwards we look for the best financing options, we negotiate the terms of financing and finally assist in the preparation of the legal documentation.

Corporate Compliance


Regulatory compliance is on everyone's radar nowadays as companies want to ensure that they are aware of, and take steps to comply with, relevant regulations and socially accepted standards. At MOSC we do not only advise on the regulations and standards that apply, but we also advise on how to implement them in a manner that will ensure they are effective and practicable in day-to-day operations. In addition, we can develop codes of conduct and help you to create your corporate policies in line with the regulations that apply to your business.

Transaction/ Project Management


We have the capacity, resources and experience to pick up a transaction or project within the business areas of our expertise and turn it around quickly. We will give you advice on the strategy and planning of your transaction or project. MOSC will ensure timely execution of the strategy and monitor the process. We work as one team with all parties involved to create the smoothest process and the strongest cooperation.

Corporate Advisory


As your business grows, your strategies and priorities should also evolve so that you stay ahead of the game. Our integrated corporate advisory solutions are developed with the varied needs of growing businesses in mind to support your growth aspirations, be it to expand organically, through joint ventures or through mergers and acquisitions (M&A). If required, we take care of the entire process, from preparation to support post completion.

Working closely with you, we focus on realising the perfect deal and growth strategy. We understand both the corporate and the emotional aspects of a business. 

Restructuring & Recovery


MOSC's consultants have played many leading roles in international restructurings on behalf of law firms and financial institutions across a range of industries encountering financial difficulties. MOSC will provide you with clear, pragmatic advice to maximise the possibilities for ongoing business operations - regardless of the approach used to resolve a distressed situation. This often involves acting as a bridge between key stakeholders to find the best solution.

We will work closely with you to understand your situation, look at things from your point of view, help shoulder the burden of difficult decisions, deal with creditors on your behalf and make sure you understand all your options. We can help pull together all the relevant information and service providers quickly to enable you to make critical decisions.

Legal Strategy


MOSC has in-house seasoned (ex) counsels that have worked for premium international law firms, who decided to broaden their horizon and become bankers and/ or entrepreneurs before joining MOSC. They will not just give you a legal view, they will give you a holistic strategic advise on the legal issue(s) your business is dealing with, based on which you can make a management decision.